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Canterbury Mini Motorcross Club

Welcome to the online home of the Canterbury Mini Motorcross Club, whether you have a young family who want to get out & have some fun, or if your kid wants to be the next world champ…we will cater for all!

Our club is dedicated to kids aged between 4 and 12 years. We have a couple of locations we can hold events at and we have a great group of people helping get things moving. We have built our main track in Darfield and have set it up so learners through to the more advanced will have a lot of fun.

More info will be updated on this site as things progress, feel free to browse our site . The easiest way to keep posted is by liking our Facebook page, that way when we post updates they will show on your news feed:



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At a recent meeting of the US Society for Sexual Medicine (USSM) in Denver, several research groups have discussed their good results with a low-intensity shockwave therapy (USWT) in the treatment of impotence.

Therapy increases just like Viagra blood supply to the penis, but it seems to have permanent effect.

In a trial from 2016, researchers from the Regional Hospital Dallas conducted a trial of shockwave therapy . In the trial, 112 men with impotence participated and none of them were able to carry out intercourse without medicine.

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